Accident Reconstruction

The Crash Investigation Reconstruction Team (C.I.R.T.) is a group of specially trained officers who investigate serious injury or fatality traffic crashes. Grand Blanc Township has four Accident Reconstructionists who have hundreds of hours of training in crash investigations. Sergeant Scott Theede leads the team, which also includes Officer Kyle Herkner, Officer Dan Wolschleger, and Officer Tim Bueche. C.I.R.T. also includes officers from Grand Blanc City Police Department and the Metro Police Authority and work together to investigate accidents in all three jurisdictions.

They use the very latest technology to photograph, map and document the scene of a crash. It is up to C.I.R.T. to determine how the crash occurred and who may be at fault. The Grand Blanc Township team was one of three Fatal Alcohol Crash Teams (F.A.C.T.) who investigated crashes throughout Genesee County as part of a three-year Office of Highway Safety and Planning grant.