Building Permits & Forms

Apply for a permit online on the BS&A Online Website.

Information on fences, signs, and sheds (under 200 square feet) is on the Planning and Zoning Forms page.


The Electrical Division of the Building Department is responsible for approving electrical permits and conducting inspections of permitted work.

Mechanical & Plumbing

The Mechanical and Plumbing Division of the Building Department is responsible for approving mechanical and plumbing permits and conducting inspections of permitted work.

Building Permits

The purpose of the Building Division of the Building Department is to approve permits and conduct inspecting of permitted work under the 2015 Michigan Building Code.

Building Fee Schedule (PDF)

2024 Building Fee Schedule

Building Permit Requirement Information

The application will not be accepted unless all items are included. The following information is required on the Building Permit Application.

  • Page 1 - Project Information, owner information, if over 3,500 square feet Architect/Engineer contractor information (contractor name number match license on file)
  • Page 2 - Brief Description i.e. - house with garage and deck, house with garage, the house including finished basement. If the deck is included in the application, Deck Section must be completed.
  • Page 3 - Must be complete
  • Page 4 - If a homeowner is obtaining their own permit, must be signed. If the contractor permits, this page is not applicable.
  • Page 5 - Must be complete and signed.
  • Page 6 - Not usually used for new house permits
  • Page 7 - Complete plot plan required - usually will be on a separate page or on blueprints. The plot plan must show front set back from the right-of-way, left and right side yard setbacks, and rear setbacks. If wetlands are present they must be shown, including the setback. If power lines are present they must be shown, including the setback.
  • Page 8 - Must be complete including construction cost and signature. If the applicant is the same as the contractor, may write "same" in that section.

Addressing and Driveways

Please see the Genesee County Road Commission's Addressing Policy  Address requests and driveway permits must be applied for through GCRC's permit system.


The Genesee County Drain Commissioner-WWS requires all proposed earth changes to be reviewed for SESC. During the review process, if GCDC-WWS determines that the earth change exceeds an acre in size or is within 500 feet of an inland lake or stream, then a SESC Permit will be required for that earth change. 

GCDC-WWS may consider a SESC Waiver for the following earth change activity scenarios: 

  • If the earth change does not exceed one (1) acre in size and is a distance greater than 500 feet from an inland lake and stream. 
  • If a particular proposed earth change that would normally require a SESC Permit will be stabilized within a 24 hour period of initial disturbance. 
  • If the earthwork activity is less than 225 square feet in size