Fire Inspections

All commercial and industrial properties are inspected, as required by local ordinances to ensure a safe environment for the business in the township, as well as for the residents. Certified staff, who are trained to identify life safety hazards and the correct operation of fire safety systems such as fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems, perform the inspections. Upon completion of an inspection, a list of hazards is provided to the occupant/owner to correct in 30 calendar days. 

Common Fire Safety Issues

Some of the things we check during a Fire Safety Inspection are:

  • Emergency lights operate on battery backup
  • Exit signs operate on battery backup
  • Fire extinguishers are serviced on an annual basis
  • Storage too close to ceilings, fire sprinklers, electrical and heating equipment
    • Use the rule of 3-foot clearance around electrical panels, water heaters, and furnace
    • Items cannot be stored any closer than 18 inches from the ceiling.
  • Electrical hazards, which include missing cover plates, unlabeled breaker, etc.  


View practical fire inspection guide (PDF) explaining what fire inspectors will be looking for when performing their inspections.