What should I do if I am being stalked?

Every situation is different; so there are no set guidelines, however, consider the following:

  • Communicate to the stalker that you do not want any contact with him/her.
  • Report to your local law enforcement agency that you are a victim of stalking, whether or not you plan to file formal charges.
  • Build your case against the stalker by providing the police with any of all of the following:
    • Documentation (personal journal) of the stalker's activities.
    • Taped recordings of threatening telephone calls.
    • Videotape of stalker's actions.
    • Basic identifying information, i.e., license plate number, make of car, personal appearance.
    • List of contacts with the stalker, including time, place, what was said, letters received, etc.

You may also bring civil action against your stalker. This allows you to sue him/her for any damage they have done or emotional harm caused.


As a victim, your best weapon against stalkers is the local law enforcement agency. They are a means of protection as well as a source for referrals. However, it is also important to have support from your friends and/or family during this emotionally distressing event.

Stalking Victim's Hotline: 517-543-3775

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