Geographic Information System (GIS)

Grand Blanc Township's Geographic Information System contains several data sets that assist township staff and residents including water and sewer lines, parcel information, voting precincts, and many more. Please click on the links on the side menu for more details on our system.

Benefits of GIS in Local Government

Information technology experts across the country have encouraged the adoption of GIS by local units of government. In general, maps are easier to create, maintain, correct, and re-print in a computer environment. Digital data can be stored, duplicated, and transferred far more efficiently than paper records. By linking databases to maps for display and analyses, GIS can also support more effective land use planning, infrastructure planning and management, public safety applications, and a whole host of analytical activities.

Although the situations vary from one location to another, the list of benefits available to most local units of government that use GIS often include:

  • Reduced time spent on map revisions and reprints.
  • Easier data management and protection against the catastrophic loss of valuable maps.
  • Easier and more complete analysis of spatial information for land use and infrastructure planning, delivery of services such as police and fire protection, and community development.
  • Improvement in the quality and timeliness of information services exchanged between departments and provided to the community.
  • Improved ability to respond quickly to emergency situations where geographic information and specially formatted products are important.
  • Improved ability to meet the heightened expectations of citizens for more and better information delivered rapidly, including Internet-based mapping.