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Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Overview

Grand Blanc Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district is located at the major commercial center of the township. There are some areas in this district of established industrial businesses such as Magna, Acument Global Technologies, and Burgaflex North America primarily located along Holly Road south of Baldwin, medical centers like Ascension Genesys Hospital along Holly Road north of Baldwin Road, and general commercial establishments primarily along Baldwin Road. The projects proposed within the Development Plans include reducing water and sewer capital fees for new construction, developing a transportation plan, developing a technical training facility, developing a road plan, and stormwater management plans.

The main purpose behind the development of this DDA district is to improve the commercial, industrial, and medical businesses within the Township’s central business area. The listed improvement projects will assist the Township in making this area more competitive to draw in businesses and be an asset to the region.

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Boundary